Monday, January 9, 2017

2016 Year in review.

I always enjoy taking a moment to look back on the year gone past.

Last winter I was fortunate enough to get to spend a lot of time dog sledding. It was wonderful and it is something I really miss this winter. Unfortunately between school, work, holidays with the family, my car breaking down and now fighting a cold I haven't gotten many options to go enjoy sledding with my friends. I hope that I get a few chances before the snow is gone and that next year it works out better.

January 2016
I was working full time but every chance I had Simon and I would head up to Ashton and spend time sledding.

February 2016
Class with the Upper Snake River Valley Dog Training club started up again and I was able to get to work with my dogs while also helping others.

Also Simon and I made a new friend who we then spent months going on adventures with. Simon was disappointed that his friend quickly grew to twice his size.

March 2016
I had my final interview to get into my program in college. Finding out that I had gotten in and was one step closer to my goals was a amazing feeling.

Also I competed in my first dog sled race the Cache Valley K-9 Challenge. Neither Simon or I had raced before so it was a blast.

April 2016
Simon and I did our first 5K. One day soon I hope to actually run the whole way.

May 2016
Was mostly filled with hiking and playing outside as much as we could around working.

June 2016
Was the Blackfoot dog show that I just discovered that I forgot to write a blog post about. Oops. Sadie and I finished up her Rally Novice and Beginner Novice titles. It is one of my favorite shows and I hope I get to be in it soon.

July 2016
Both Nik's and my Birthday's are in July. So we normally try to spend some time getting out with the dogs and enjoying ourselves.

August 2016
Simon and I moved to Twin Falls so I could start my college program. It was a big change which has always been rough for me but it was the best thing. The program is challenging but I love it and can't  wait to start the next semester.

September 2016
The first few months were mostly Simon and I adjusting to the new living situation. As well as me readjusting to being a full time student. Learning lot about animals like horse and cows that I haven't had much experience with in the past.

October 2016
My Sadie lou Who turned 7 years old. I was lucky enough to get to be home visiting over her birthday and get to spoil her rotten.

November 2016
Simon turned 3 years old. Other stressful things happened in November around the 8th that I am sure we will be feeling the effects of this for a long time. But for this blog we are just going to look at Simons birthday.

December 2016
I completed the first semester of my program ending my finals strong. Simon and I went home for winter break to spend time with out family.
My dad spent two weeks staying with us over the holidays.

 With Sadie getting her first Obedience and Rally Titles, Simon competing in his first sled race and me finishing my first semester of my program it has been a good year. Here is to hoping 2017 is even better.  

Friday, January 6, 2017

A Dog filled Christmas

For the holidays we participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange.

When I got a chance to open the gifts received I made sure to get a few pictures so I could send then to the person who sent the gifts.

The dogs loved to gifts even if posing with them and not playing with them was kind of difficult for them.

I did get the stink eye a few time while they were tired of holding their "stay".

Sadie even stuck her tongue out to make sure I understood how she felt about having to pose next to a bag of treats.

After we took those pictures I got some candid pictures of the dogs enjoying the gifts.

Sadie quickly grabbed an antler and got to chewing on it. We have never had a split anter before and she was really excited about it.

Simon went to work on the other antler while getting to lay in a pile of presents. He was pretty thrilled with it.

 After that he grabbed the weird tennis ball shaped thing and gave it a good chew too,

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sadie's 7th Birthday & Simon's 3rd

Sadie born 10/10/09
Simon born 11/05/13

Both Sadie and Simons birthdays have passed but I forgot to write about them.
I have been really busy focusing on school. The dogs still got spoiled for their birthdays but I didn't have time to write about it. After that it was winter break and I was busy with family and holiday plans.

However breaks are good and I figured I could share the birthday pictures of the dogs. I was lucky enough to get to see Sadie on her birthday and spend the weekend before it with her. She is doing great the only big issue we have had is with Simon and me gone she isn't getting as much exercise so when I first left she got a little chunky. When I got back and noticed I made sure Nik upped her exercise and put her on a diet. It has been about a month and a half and now she is almost looking as good as she did when I left. This is really important to me as she is 7 years old now and keeping her well muscled and at a healthy weight will help protect her joints and back from injury. There is only so much you can do to control how likely your dog is to have joint issues but we are doing everything we can to tip the odds in her favor.

 Overall I think Sadie is doing awesome. She has a ton of energy her teeth look amazing and people who don't know her find it hard to believe she is already 7 years old. Granted it might be a little easier for them right now  with how cold it is she is being pretty lazy and not wanting to go outside. However with the temp getting into the negatives a lot this winter you can't really blame her.

Simon turned 3 years old this November and that is still weird to me. I remember the day we picked him up and I still think of him as my little guy. The fact that he is an adult now is kind of crazy to me. He is doing a good job overall with living in a small place and I love how it forces me to get out more than I would if I didn't have him. Also with it just being the two of us we play together more than we did when he had Sadie to play with. Here are some pictures from Simon's birthday after we took a long walk.

Currently we are back home for winter break. Simon and Sadie are very happy to get to play together again.