Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Sadie wishing everyone a happy Halloween. 

Kitty pumpkin!

Sadie rocking the tutu of many treats. 

"Sigh what I do for cookies."

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A slow week.

     I came down with a cold last weekend and am still getting over it. And I have spent my time drinking tea, napping, and watching Big Bang Theory.  Sadie has been fantastic through all of it basically napping, cuddling and following me around. She does get this worried look on her face when I sneeze loudly like she is worried my head might explode.  So I took some cute pictures of her napping around the house to share.

Sadie relaxing in her bed.
 Sadie chilling on the couch.
 Napping in my bed.

Resting on my knee.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our Favorite weekend escape.

Most Saturdays you can find Sadie and me at the local farmers market. We both really love the market.  With the fantastic food, the incredible people, and the beautiful crafts there is always something to discover. Also it always seems like the nicest people in town are there, both the other shoppers and the people in charge of the booths. Or maybe they are just like me and that going there puts them in a good mood.

Sadie's favorite part of the market I think it would be walking by the caramel popcorn guys. There is always a little spilled that she snatches up as we walk by. Her next favorite thing would be the kids. Sadie is super tolerant and loving of children so any time we see a family with some kids looking interested we invite them to come say hi. I normally have Sadie sit because it seams to  reassure both the parents and the children that this is a polite well mannered dog and that she does not want to eat the children. Maybe I should let them know she is full on popcorn?

My favorite part of the market is having Sadie with me. So many more people come and talk to me and interact with me then would if I was alone. I get to see the friendly, kind side of a total stranger and I always appreciate getting to see and remember that it exists. Also, I am a little shy and have a hard time striking up a conversation on my own. With Sadie I can talk about her and feel incredibly comfortable.

One of Sadie's best characteristics is how she is happy to meet anyone. From children whose petting is really more of a pat, to timid people who shyly touch and then back away, and even those with disabilities that cause them to maybe be less gentle than most dogs would like. Sadie does not react to them any differently and is always so happy to see them. Last time we were at the market Sadie meet an adult in a wheelchair. I don't know if she had ever been close to a person in a wheelchair before, but she was happy to greet him and the both of them were happy when we asked if he wanted to give Sadie a treat for being such a good dog. I would love to take credit for this fantastic behavior but, other than trying to make every outing pleasant, I have not done anything to prepare Sadie for people with disabilities.

Sadie always is impressing me with her happy accepting friendly nature. I am excited for more adventures with her.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Fourth Birthday Sadie!

Sadie turned four years old today! I am happy to report that she seemed to enjoy her birthday. I would also like to add she recently went to the vet for her yearly check up and she got a clean bill of health. Our vet was really happy with her weight and how clean her teeth are. I am super happy to hear she is healthy, it's the best birthday gift.

Now on to the fun part.
Sadie kicked off her birthday with a sleep over with Paquette. Both dogs enjoyed helping bake the cake and then we all hung out and watched/slept through a movie. I took a nap today and Sadie was asleep next to my head and Paquette was asleep on my back it was very cozy.

 This morning Sadie got to go on a early morning walk with her pal Chevy. My schedule and his owner's is pretty opposite so it was the first time the dogs had been able to hangout in a while. When we finished our walk we needed to take Paquette to her grooming appointment so Sadie went along and spent a few hours at daycare playing. When the dogs came home after that we were all pretty tired so we all took a nap. When we woke up from the nap Sadie put her party clothes on and they enjoyed some cake.

 Paquette post grooming. 

After the cake Paquette had to go home.Sadie like most kids on there fourth birthday was wiped out and had to take a second nap.
After we took her on her second walk she opened her presents. Sadie was not excited about the new collar but is currently trying out her new chew toys. It has been a wonderful birthday and I hope we get to spend many more with her.

I also wanted to share a picture of her cake. It is a peanut butter and carrot cake, with pumpkin and apple sauce cream cheese frosting and I used the leftover ice cream  bones as decoration. It's decently healthy we very little sugar and smells fantastic. Well if you like peanut butter that is.