Thursday, April 30, 2015

We have started taking agility classes.

The dogs watching other dogs run.
Both Simon and Sadie are enrolled in agility classes right now and it has been so much  fun. This the the second time through the basic class for both of them. For Sadie it's because she last took the class in 2012 when we were just starting to learn how to train dogs. We figured a refresher course is a good idea and will help make sure she knows what she is doing and keep her safe. For Simon it's because when he took it last year he was to young to do a lot of the stuff because he wasn't finished growing yet so a lot of it will be all new to him.

So far it has just been basic stuff. Games to teach your dog to watch you and learn body awareness. Handling exercises for both the dog and the trainer so you and your dog gets used to the movements. We have also worked on tunnels and walking on the dog walk while it is laid down on the ground. I really enjoy this class because they take it nice and slow but they also give you stuff you can do at home even without agility equipment.

I get excited every Wednesday just waiting for the next class. I hope in the near future I will be able to start running agility with my dogs it just looks like so much fun.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend at an agility trial.

A few weekends ago the Upper Snake River Valley Dog Training Club put on an agility trail. I volunteered to go help run it as an excuse to get to watch some fantastic handlers and learn more about this wonderful sport. I had a blast. It was great fun and it was wonderful to see all my dog friends and watch them do so well.

On the second day I brought Simon with so that he could have the trial experience without the added pressure of actually competing. He really enjoyed the experience but I am glad we took him for the trail run. He broke out of our x-pen thankfully just walked over to where I was and asked for a nacho. He also had a hard time focusing so I worked on some basic obedience with him while there to help improve his ability to handle distractions.

Over all it was a great way to spend a weekend and I can't wait till we can actually get into the ring.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Faces of Simon.

Simon has changed so much since he first came to live with us this post is just showing that.