About Simon

Name: Simon
Nicknames: Monster, Sy, Turd, Simon can come too.
Registered Name: Simon says hike hike hike BN RN
Breed: Siberian Husky
Birthday: 11/05/2013

Obedience: CGC, BN
Rally: RN

Arrival Story: Growing up I always wanted a husky and when I got my own place one of my first goals was to start working on finding my husky.  After some looking I found Simon's breeder and after awhile I finally got him. We got him January 2, 2014 up in Washington we then had to drive 9 hours through the night to get him home.  He slept through the car ride and was just amazing.

Personality: Simon is kind of the classic husky he is pretty independent and doesn't really like to cuddle but he is very people focused and like to be close to us just not touching.  

Likes: Running. Adventures. Going to rides in the car. Peeing on trees. 

Pet Peeves: Dogs getting in his face. Having to stay home or not getting to go with me.  

Hobbies: In the winter Simon does dog sledding. In the summer we dabble with Rally Obedience and Agility.  

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