Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wonderful Weekend.

The past weekend  was very peaceful and recharging and I enjoyed it  thoroughly. On Saturday Simon and I woke up to a wonderful surprise. It was after 6am and still below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. To celebrate our good fortune we hooked up to the bike for a nice ride. Being Saturday I didn't have any classes so I decided to take a new road and explore some farmland a few miles away. We both had a blast cruising across the dirt roads and exploring new places. When I stopped for a quick break to pick some wild flowers I discovered that we had already gone over 4 miles. Before this  past weekend the most we had gone over the summer was 6 and although the weather was still nice I decided to head back before Simon got tired.

On our way back we noticed as luck would have it the farmers market was going on just across from the school. As a nice cool down we went over to walk around and check out what the market had to offer. This Market is held right next to the community gardens which was pretty cool. It wasn't very large but they had a lot of offer and the people were really nice. Simon and I enjoyed some ice cream and a breakfast burrito. We also stocked up on some peaches to take home with us. He did really good there but we had biked almost 9 miles at this point so it helped that he had taken the edge off.

After the market we both headed home for a nice power nap.

Sunday morning we woke up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit so still nice and cool but not as fantastic as yesterday. We biked a few miles and did a little training before I noticed I had biked over a bunch of "goat heads" and they had embedded themselves in my tires causing my front tire to go flat. I first checked Simon but fortunately he hadn't gotten any in his feet. We had to walk the bike back but I was planning to take is easier today so I guess that all worked out.

So add to the to do list for the week:
Fix the bike
Go berry picking
Study for tests quizzes and finish homework.


  1. Great pictures, good luck on the quizzes!!

    Nuk & Family

    1. Thank you so far the week has gone pretty good and it looks like the bike might be fixed in time for the weekend.