About Sadie

Name: Sadie
Nicknames: Sadie Face, Silly Girl, Piggy
Registered Name: Sadie lou Who BN RN
Breed: Pit Bull mix
Birthday: 10/10/09

Obedience: CGC, RN, BN

Arrival Story: Sadie came as a package deal when I started dating her owner. Nik Soon learned I had a huge love of dogs so Sadie has always been front and center in our relationship. He likes to joke that I feel in love with her first before him. He is not wrong. 

Personality: Sadie  is super friendly dog who always loves to cuddle and be loved on. However she has been know to be a bit of a bull in the china shop and regularly we find scratches on her from running head long through bushes.    

Likes: Food. Chewing. Sleeping in. Food. Being warm. Going on long walks. Food.

Pet Peeves: Waking up early. Meals being late. Diets.  

Hobbies: Over the winter Sadie mostly hibernates she likes to play in the snow for short periods but then would rather be dry and warm close to a heater. In the summer she loves sleeping outside in the sun. We are currently working on Obedience and Rally. 

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