Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer fun in difficult times.

Maya is getting along fantastically with Simon and Sadie. Simon and Maya will be starting obedience class soon. The three of them love to romp around and play in the backyard.

Sadie laughing and soaking up the sun.

This had been a difficult while I have been sick and getting worse for a few weeks. 
Pibbles have fantastic smiles.

 It has been really hard to have the energy for work and life and the dogs while I am feel weak and in pain.
Maya is all grown up.

Thankfully I am lucky to have lots of family close by that are very helpful and the dogs have been happy to play with each other. 
Maya mid bark.

 They have also be fantastic and keeping me company sleeping on the bed or on the couch.
Pretty girl hanging in the yard.

 I am doing everything I can to be healthy soon as well as not letting sickness get in my way. 
And we are off to the races.

I have spend a few afternoons sitting outside in the sun watching the dogs play. 
Simon and Maya love a good game a chase.

These are some pictures from one recent afternoon doing just that. 
Simon also loves playing in the water of the pool.