Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Emergency Vet visit on the Fourth of July! Warning graphic Injury pictures.

Last year at Bark for life we were talking the the people in the emergency vet booth. We picked up their card told them how grateful we were that we had an emergency vet in town but that we hopped we would never have to use there services.  I honestly hope that my dogs live to a rip old age with only ever having minor health concerns that could all be managed by my family vet. I do realize this is highly unlikely that none of my dogs would ever have an emergency but a girl can dream!

Picture of Sadie from bark for life 2013.

So the Fourth of July 2014 hits. Knowing managing three dogs in the crowed parade atmosphere and with two of them being basically puppies we decided to just take Simon to the parade. Maya and Sadie had gone last year and we wanted to give his little puppy brain the exposure to all the sights and sounds of the parade in positive way. Knowing I was going to need to leave the other two home alone Maya in a kennel I woke up bright and early and took the dogs over to my mom's to play. All three dogs love visiting my mom's house she has a kiddie pool they can play in lots of space to run a deck to crawl under and lots of bushes and trees to enjoy the shade, race around or in the case of the bushes race through. 

Simon and Maya race around.

So loaded up the dogs and drove over. Sadie rolled in the grass and chased the other two around loving the cooler air of the morning. Maya and Simon raced all around having a blast and raced to me when I called them to come jump in the car. The four of us headed home I didn't notice the kids acting weird so everyone got breakfast and we headed to the parade with Simon.

Simon and I at the parade.
He loved it the horses were his favorite but I don't know what he would have done if he could have actually gotten to them. Simon also howled along with the firetrucks and police cars and when the people around us cheered for their kids. He sat in his chair taking it all in and loving it. We also had thought ahead and I had a somewhat frozen very cold and wet t shirt I put on his back when it started to heat up and he cooled right off and was able to enjoy all of the parade.  Finally it was done and we packed up our stuff picked up our trash and headed home.

Simon watching the parade.
Once we got home and let the dogs out for a potty break Maya prances over to me to say hello just like she will always do. As she turned I noticed what appeared to be a decently large hole in her side. Starting to worry I called her over again and looked it at it. Maya had a gaping hole in her side about the size of a dollar coin. Starting to panic I dialed the emergency vet to give them a heads up we were on our way. We loaded up Maya into the car with a clean towel for the wound had started bleeding with I had stopped letting her lick it.  Driving as fast as we could we pulled up to the emergency vet and brought her in. We filled out some paper work and waited for the vet to come check her out. I am impressed to say Maya was in high spirits. Enjoying all the attention and the solo car ride only thing bothering her is that I wouldn't let he lick her side. At no point did she act like it was bothering her. The vet came in and kindly examined Maya. After looking it over she said it looked like Maya was running and caught something with her side and tore a hole into a skin. The vet assured us that compared to what they normally see it was a pretty minor injury but that she would need to have it stitched up. For that she would need to be under anesthetic have the area shaved and sowed up and take antibiotics to prevent any infection from happening. We signed the papers and let the take Maya back to surgery with the promise that they would call us as soon as we could pick her up. A little over an hour later we were back and a much more lethargic Maya greeted us cone and all.

Picture of Maya's injury I tool at the vet office.
For the rest of the day Maya was pretty out of it. I don't know if she just wasn't doing well from the anesthetic or if cleaning it out and stitching it up and hurt  and she was sore but she mostly napped the rest of the day. I kept her right next to me so I could make sure that the other dogs didn't step or jump on her. She seamed pretty happy for the extra attention and for the hot dog she got to eat her pills in. She didn't even react when Paquette came over to hangout and avoid the fireworks. 

Maya's hot pink stitches.
The next day was a different story. Other than not being sure how to walk in the cone Maya was pretty much back to her normal self. There was a ton of running into stuff with the cone and booping the other dogs with it. She learned how to eat and drink with it on and was back to her pretty silly self.

Maya day one cone.
Now. Maya is almost on a mission to rip her stitches she really hates the you can't play with the other dogs rule and tries to get away with it whenever she thinks we are not looking. I don't know who is more excited for her stitches to come out us or her. Also the cone is now officially considered a weapon because she runs into you with it and it is not super pleasant. I am ecstatic to see that she is feeling well even though it means more work for me. She still has a few more days on the antibiotics but she is off pain pills and is doing wonderfully. 

Maya cone day four.
Love you Maya regardless of the curve balls you throw us. 

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  1. I'm sorry Maya, but you got the keep the stitches in place. Now you have to wear the cone of shame. My dog is just the same way, Shes always biting herself for some reason. We've washed her and cleaned her and make sure she's well groomed, but she keeps gnawing at her back leg. Maybe it's a psychological disorder, either way, we're probably going to see a vet soon over it.