Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Playing with the Big Dogs.

Merry Christmas from Playing with the Big Dogs.

    Last night we were able spend Christmas Eve with family had the privilege to watch children open gifts. We attended two different Christmas Eve celebrations last night and had a wonderful time. It's the nice part about having both our mothers live in the same town we do.

At Nik's family we got to watch his sister's kids still enjoy the magic of Christmas and the surprise and joy of getting something wonderful that they love. At my mother's we got to enjoy the company of friends that we have know most of my life and are now part of our extended family.

     One of Nik's  family traditions is that they get gifts from the family on Christmas Eve and they get  "Santa" gifts on Christmas Day so when we visited we opened presents from his family. The tradition with my family is we give the gifts to the friends they visit and open the ones they give to us. It was a wonderful celebration of family and friends.

       We are very lucky to have a loving and understanding family and Sadie was  invited to attend both Christmas celebrations.  She loved it. All the kids and the noise and people is really her cup of tea. She even had gifts from the family and got plenty of treats. It was a wonderful Christmas Eve and only slightly over shadowed by the trip we are going to take on January 2nd but it was a wonderful night.

   I will be working most of Christmas day but my fantastic family is going to celebrate with me when I get home this evening. I have a night of family, pj's, a warm cup of tea, and presents to get me threw the work day. Also Sadie is waiting and she is the light at the end of the tunnel waiting for me to come home.

Merry Christmas to all. I will try to get Christmas Day pictures to share but I make no promises I might get wrapped up in enjoying my self and be distracted.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sadie playing in the snow.

Sadie is enjoying our snow she loves to play in it and then lay down by the heater. I do everything I can to make sure Sadie is mentally stimulated with different experiences and challenges.  Earlier that day I had throw some sweet potato in the snow for her to dig out and find. She loved it. Sadie is a big fan of sweet potato and I like a nice healthy treat. She would go check the spots every time she went out to see if she had missed any. Sadie really loves the snow and hopes we keep getting it!