Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dog Sledding Adventures.

Simon with the other sled dogs and me.

             Something new I have been getting into is dog sledding.  I was lucky enough to be introduced to some fantastic mushers a couple years ago. They are based out of Ashton, ID and run a dog sledding tour called Sliver Sage Mushing. You can follow that link to their website or click here to check out their Facebook page.  After getting a taste of dog sledding I knew I was hooked. I loved everything about it; the thrill, the fun, getting to work with the dogs and see them so happy doing what they loved. It is a blast and if you ever get the chance to give it a try I highly suggest it.

Pulling us up a hill. Simon is the second from the back on the right.

         After meeting and becoming friends with Linda and Rosie I started helping them handle their teams. Getting teams of anywhere from 6-14 dogs ready to go can be a lot of work and I enjoyed the chance to get to learn more about all of the aspects of dog sledding and caring for that many dogs. They have also known Simon since he was a little fuzz ball and watched him grow into the start of a good sled dog.

Muddy Simon face after a fun run.

        It is so much fun dog sledding is my winter passion and I can't wait to have more snow on the ground and bust out a sled.

Happy Rainy and Simon.

        So there is the update for anyone who was wondering what I have been up to. Pretty much work, studying for finals, homework and dog sledding. It's pretty sweet.
12 good dogs.