Monday, August 29, 2016

Simon and I moved!

I am going to school in Twin Falls and Simon came with me for the adventure. This has meant a lot of change for Simon and I most of all from living in a decently large condo to a very small dorm room. Simon has volunteered to give a tour of our new home.

Simon. Simon?

Simon wake up you're giving a tour.

Remember you said you would give the room tour so I could keep working on my homework?
"Welcome to our room. This is my kennel and my food puzzle bone. If I get tired of trying to get food out of the puzzle I will just drop in on mom's computer so she will get it out for me."
"As you can see one of my main goals is to take all of my toys out of the kennel and put them all over the room. It's going really well."

"This is the bed it is the best place to hid toys and also to look out the window. also it's always a good idea to throw all the pillows off the bed any chance you get."
"Check out that view! On our walks outside I have found a lot of squirrels and some bunnies so I have to check the window a lot. Mostly it's just people but you never know when you might find a squirrel!"
"This is Mom's desk. Where she writes and get's on the computer and eats and does a lot of stuff. I am mostly napping when she is at her desks unless she is eating it's all pretty boring."

"A few days ago we video chatted with some friends in Utah and they got to watch how awesome I am at catching treats."
"The desk is also where she keeps a lot of stuff."
"Maybe the desk isn't all bad."
"Always need to check out the fridge."
"haha I jumped in the laundry basket again!"
"My side of the closet. This is my food. I'm not sharing."
"Hey now I can pre husky hair all of her clothes!"
"What you want me to get out?"
"Thanks for visiting, If you show yourself out I can get back to my nap."

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