Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cache Valley K-9 Challenge/ Simon's first sled race.

Simon and I had our first dog sled race this winter. It was the Cache Valley K-9 Challenge race in Logan, UT.

The beautiful sunrise over Bear Lake on day one.  
It was a beautiful location and a wonderful way to end our sledding season this year.

My team and I finishing the race.
I was really excited to get to experience my first race. I was lucky that not only was Linda there to help me but my friend Amy also joined me so I had a ton of support and lots of friends to share the experience with.
I was excited.

 The trail was a bit of a challenge it had a lot more hills than we normally have also it was a bit higher altitude than normal. For being only four miles it was a lot harder than the much longer runs we have gone on.
New friend New puppy win win.
We also haven't really gotten to do any passing before or running with other teams or any of that so a ton of it was new fun. The other mushers were very friendly and helpful and just wonderful.

Talking to Simon. I do that. A lot.
 The race consisted of going two miles and then turning around and going to two miles back. Most of the first Two miles was going up a giant hill and so most of the last two was going back down the same huge hill.
Simon enjoying a drink.
So the first bit was physically hard and the second bit was more technically challenging. It was so much fun and I hope I get to run that race again.

A friends adorable dog.

It was just so amazing. 

This is Google. 

Loving on a friends beautiful dogs.

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