Friday, January 6, 2017

A Dog filled Christmas

For the holidays we participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange.

When I got a chance to open the gifts received I made sure to get a few pictures so I could send then to the person who sent the gifts.

The dogs loved to gifts even if posing with them and not playing with them was kind of difficult for them.

I did get the stink eye a few time while they were tired of holding their "stay".

Sadie even stuck her tongue out to make sure I understood how she felt about having to pose next to a bag of treats.

After we took those pictures I got some candid pictures of the dogs enjoying the gifts.

Sadie quickly grabbed an antler and got to chewing on it. We have never had a split anter before and she was really excited about it.

Simon went to work on the other antler while getting to lay in a pile of presents. He was pretty thrilled with it.

 After that he grabbed the weird tennis ball shaped thing and gave it a good chew too,

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