Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Camping with the Big Dogs

The Sign for the park we stayed at. 
Last week I packed up the dogs and a good friend and went off on a camping adventure. I haven't done much camping as an adult and my family never went that much when I was a kid so I wasn't really sure how to go about it especially because I knew I wanted to bring the dogs. Luckily for me a good friend of mine has been camping off and on all summer (and has had camping experience for years) and she offered to come with us and show us what to do. She also brought most of the camping stuff so it was a easy and pretty inexpensive trip.

Right before our morning walk. Simon was not happy about the picture. 

We arrived to the camp ground in the late afternoon got the dogs out and set up the tent and unpacked our stuff. It was the middle of the week and with it being late in September we had the whole camp ground to ourselves.

Sadie had to keep an eye on all food prep.

That first night after we set up camp we walked the dogs and cooked dinner. The dogs really enjoyed both the walk and watching dinner getting made. After dinner we made a camp fire and made some s'mores. The dogs didn't really seem to care about the fire but neither tried to get to close to it. At one point Simon heard something and got all alert and growl-barked a warning at the darkness. We shined our flashlights in the area but we couldn't see or hear anything. We had seen a lot of rabbits around the park that afternoon and we thought it might have been one of them. It was cute that Simon was protecting his family from the scary darkness. Sadie kept looking at him like "what is it bro?" But still cute. 
Our campfire so much fun.
 Our tent was really big so we had plenty of room for the dogs inside. After we finish our s'mores and had star gazed to our hearts  content  we all headed inside  the nice warm tent. I was concerned with Sadie getting cold so I had her sleep with her jacket so she wouldn't get cold. I also brought her sheep skin rug from home so the ground wasn't cold. After we got into bed and all settled down Sadie decided to sleep half on the rug and half on me and my sleeping pad. It was pretty sweet how she would use my legs as a pillow. She would also wake up when ever she heard a car or anything and make sure it was okay before settling back down.

Sadie all ready for bed.
Simon proved to me once again how wonderful is it to have a puppy who is kennel trained and comfortable and happy with it. We were able to have a kennel in the tent and he was happy to settle down in it. He slept well all night and I slept well not having to worry about him having an accident or getting into and chewing up our stuff.  I know a lot of people don't like kenneling there dogs but it is a wonderful training tool to have.

Simon says wake me when breakfast is ready.
Once we woke up it was time to take the pups for a pre-breakfast walk the area around was very pretty and the dogs loved the early morning exercise. It got a little to interesting when Sadie accidentally walked off the end of the dock and into the river and came up sputtering and splashing we had to help her back on to the dock and she gave the river a dirty look.

The very pretty river.

After the walk we made breakfast and then took another walk Simon got to practice having the backpack on. He is still pretty young  so we didn't have him carry anything other than a few empty plastic bags but I am hoping starting slow will make it easy for him when he is old enough

Us on our walk.

Also thank you Amy I really appreciate all your help and we had a great time. We can't wait till we get to go again.

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